Amoretti blogged it in the ‘_Memorie Storiche_’ and you will additional copious cards

Amoretti blogged it in the ‘_Memorie Storiche_’ and you will additional copious cards

Borgonzio began . ; and in addition his luck escaped. [Footnote 8: Borgonzio o Brugonzio Botta fu regolatore delle ducali entrate sotto il Moro, alla cui fuga la casa sua fu pur messa a sacco da’ partitanti francesi. (AMORETTI, l. c.)] [Footnote: l. 4–10 So it passageway obviously means situations when you look at the Milan in the period of the overthrow from Ludovico il Moro. ]

Ambrosio Petri, St. Draw, cuatro boards on window, 2 . step 3 new saints off chapels, 5 the latest Genoese at home.

Little bit of tapestry,–collection of compasses,– Tommaso’s guide,–the book out-of Giovanni Benci,–the package on customized-domestic,–to slice the brand new content,–the latest sword-gear,–to help you just the new boots, –a light cap,–the new cane regarding the ruined properties,–the debt into desk linen, –swimming-strip,–a book regarding light papers to own attracting,–charcoal.–Exactly how much are an excellent florin . a leather-based bodice.

Borges will get for you the new Archimedes on the bishop out-of Padua, and you will Vitellozzo the one away from Borgo an effective San Sepolcro [Footnote step three: Borgo an effective San Sepolcro, in which Luca Paciolo, Leonardo’s pal, came to be.]

In which try Valentino?–boots,–boxes on custom-household. –[Footnote 5: Carmine. ] new monk at the Carmine,–squares,–[Footnotes seven and you will 8: ilies. Select No. 4.] Piero Martelli,– Salvi Borgherini,–upload back brand new bags,–an assistance on the cups,–[Footnote 11: San Gallo; maybe Giuliano da San Gallo, the fresh new Florentine designer.] this new naked examination of San Gallo,–the newest cloak. Porphyry,–communities,–square,–[Footnote sixteen: Pandolfini, select Zero. 1544 note.] Pandolfino. [Footnote: Valentino. Cesare Borgia could be intended. With reference to Leonardo’s involvements from the him discover pp. 224 and 243, notice.]

Concave decorative mirrors; values of Aristotle;[Footnote 2: _Avicenna_ (Leonardo right here produces they Avinega) the latest Arab philosopher, 980-1037, for years and years the unimpeachable power on the the medical inquiries. Leonardo maybe affairs right here in order to a released version: _Avicennae canonum libri V, latine_ 1476 _Patavis._ Most other editions was, Padua 1479, and you may Venice 1490.] new books from Avicenna Italian and you may Latin words; Messer Ottaviano Palavicino or their Vitruvius [Footnote step three: _Vitruvius._ Pick Vol. I, Zero. 343 note.]. bohemian blades; Vitruvius[Footnote 6: _Vitruvius._ Get a hold of Vol. I, No. 343 note.]; wade most of the Monday towards beautiful shower in which you may find nude guys;

Archimedes, into center out-of gravity; [Footnote nine: Brand new work out of Archimedes weren’t posted during the Leonardo’s lifetime-day.] structure [Footnote 10: Compare No. 1494.] Alessandro Benedetto; The new Dante out of Niccolo della Croce; Increase the new lung area out of an effective pig and you can observe whether or not they increase wide plus in length, or in depth shrinking in total.

[Footnote 14: _Johannes Marliani sua etate philosophorum mais aussi medicorum principis mais aussi ducalis phisic. primi de proportione motuum velocitate questio subtilissima incipit old boyfriend ejusdem Marliani originali feliciter extracta, M(ilano)_ 1482.

A chapel and you may monastery at the Florence

Other works by him has the label: _Marlianus mediolanensis. Questio de caliditate corporum humanorum tempore hiemis ed estatis et de- antiparistasi post celebrem philosophorum et medicorum universitatem ticinensem._ 1474.] Marliano, to your Formula, so you can Bertuccio. Albertus, to the heaven and you may world [Footnote fifteen: Pick No. 1469, step one. eight.], [regarding monk Bernardino]. Horace provides written with the movements of the heavens.

Of the around three regular regulators unlike specific commentators whom disparage the latest Ancients, who have been new originators off sentence structure together with sciences and you will .

[Footnote: So it mention is created within the drawing of a strategy away from a home. On the same webpage is the date 1513 (find No. 1376).]

The brand new figures you will need to set-aside for the past book toward tincture that they can can be found in the research regarding Gerardo the new illuminator within San Marco in the Florence.

Immediately following are produced Archbishop of Valence by the Alexander VI he was are not called Valentinus otherwise Valentino

[Footnote: L. 1-3 have the original created between lines step three and you will cuatro from No. 292. Nevertheless feel is not clear within this union. It is rarely it is possible to so you can devine this is of following phrase.